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RTG is CPU/GPU hybrid raytracer based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. The software taking advantage of current processor and graphics card technology and allows the fast image calculation even in scenes with several 100,000 triangles. The achievable computation times are placed on the level of commercial raytracer, the GPU based raytracer also allows real-time output with up to 50 frames per seconds. More
Magellan Class by Rivers 3D rendered with powertek RTG
CBM is a software for customer management and advice. The software allows the easy and secure recording and management of customer data, integrates a full encryption of all data, provides evaluation and reminding functions and thus supports the consultant in preparing the best financial plans for each individual customer. More
11.03.12 CBM - Version 1.12
13.11.11 CBM - Version 1.11 R5
14.06.10 RTG - Version 1.05 (32Bit, 64Bit)
29.05.10 RTG - Version 1.04 (GTX470/480 Support)
21.03.10 CBM - Version 1.05
05.04.09 RTG - Tech Demo
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