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POFS (Particle Based Optical Fibre simulation) is a software to simulate and display the light spread in a fiber-optic cable using a physically correct calculated particle system. The underlying engine is based on the C3CS and some functions of the raytracing library Powertek.Rt and allows the calculation of the spread and movement of all particles in the system using optical laws. The software offers a wide range of adjustable parameters, such as particle number, direction, speed, etc. Customized ASE-files are used to load and simulate different optical fibers with different refractive indices of core and cladding.

Powertek - POFS 1
Powertek - POFS 2
Powertek - POFS 3
Powertek - POFS 4
Powertek - POFS 5
Powertek - POFS 6
- OpenGL 1.0, Tao-Framework
- Simulation of the movement and spread of light in a optical fibre
- Physic engine (collision detection with the fibre, optical lows like reflection, refraction
  and speed adjustment of the particles)
- Simulation and calculation of 2000 particles (CPU limited)
- Simulation of different fibre types (SI, GI, SM)
- Over 40 adjustable parameters
- Preset Load & Save
- Different 3D-Views and -options
The 3D-engine uses OpenGL 1.0 functions only and therefore runs also on minimal graphics hardware (e.g. notebook onBoard Gfx)
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