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RTG is CPU/GPU hybrid raytracer based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. The software taking advantage of current processor and graphics card technology and allows the fast image calculation even in scenes with several 100,000 triangles. The achievable computation times are placed on the level of commercial raytracer, the GPU based raytracer also allows real-time output with up to 50 frames per seconds.
In addition to the integrated raytracers RTG also implements an OpenGL engine, which guaranties a high-quality preview of the scene by using current techniques such as cascaded shadow mapping, shadow volumes and environment mapping.
All used parameters can be changed by the graphical user interface. This include settings for camera, light sources, environment and materials, as well as the settings for the raytracer and the OpenGL engine.
As additional features the generated acceleration structures and the calculated rays can be visualized in the OpenGL engine, and furthermore the shadow data of the engine (depth buffer) and/or the shadow volume data can be dispayed.
Powertek - RTG Hybrid Raytracer (1)
Powertek - RTG Hybrid Raytracer (2)
RTG - Kitchen [BART]
110k Dreiecke
800x600 (6 Lights) - 4 secs (MP)
800x600 (6 Lights) - 1 sec (GPU)
RTG - Earth
Powertek - RTG Hybrid Raytracer (3)
Powertek - RTG Hybrid Raytracer (4)
RTG GUI/GL Viewer - Mig3
220k Dreiecke
RTG - Mig3
220k Dreiecke
640x480 - 10 fps (GPU)
Powertek - RTG Hybrid Raytracer (5)
Powertek - RTG Hybrid Raytracer (6)
RTG - Mig3
220k Dreiecke
60k Dreiecke
800x600 - 12 fps (GPU)
(ohne Refl.) - 50 fps (GPU)
Magellan Class by Rivers 3D rendered with powertek RTG 1
Magellan Class by Rivers 3D rendered with powertek RTG 2
RTG - Magellan Class by Rivers3D
310k Dreiecke
1280x720p - 1 sec (MP)
RTG - Magellan Class by Rivers3D
310k Dreiecke
1280x720p - 1 sec (MP)
1280x720p 5xAA - 40 secs (MP)
All Renderings: Intel Quad Core Q6600, NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT, 4 GB RAM
- Multi-Threaded
- Enhanced OpenGL Viewer
- 2 integrated Hybrid Raytracer (currently...)
- Material Preview Raytracer
- Settings for Material, Lights, Camera
- View of Acceleration structure, ray origins and directions
- View of Depthbuffer Content, Shadow Volumes
- Scene and material structure, textures etc.
- Raytracer Benchmark (animated camera)
- Loader für ASE, 3DS, PLY, DXF, Obj, AFF, PtXML
- .NET 2.0 (C#, Managed Code only, pure .NET)
- OpenGL 2x, GLSL Shader, Tao-Framework
- Shadow Volumes (CPU und GPU Extrusion), Shadow Volume Map
- FBO Shadow Mapping, Cascaded Shadow Mapping PCF/Gauss
- Diffuse/Blinn/Phong
- Bump- und Environment Mapping
- Material- und Wireframe View
- Multithreaded, Multi-CPU-Unterstützung
- Full CPU or GPU acceleration
- Kd-Tree Regular/Geometric/SAH, Grid, BB-Scene acceleration
- Diffuse/Blinn/Phong/Cook-Torrance
- Point, Area lights
- Perfect and diffuse shadows (support for transparency and -textures)
- Perfect and diffuse refractions
- Alpha transparency, transparency textures, refractions, TIR
- Multisampling, supersampling
- Texture Interpolation Nearest/Bilinear with MipMap support
- GPU Raytracer, material processing on gpu or cpu
- Real Time Raytracing
- Kd-Tree Regular/Geometric/SAH
- Diffuse/Blinn/Phong
- Perfect shadows and reflections
- Perfect transparency, refractions and total inner reflections (TIR)
- Texture Interpolation Nearest/Bilinear with MipMap support (cpu mat)
The download contains some demo scenes which can be rendered by RTG. The usage of 3rd party models may lead loading or calculation errors since the loaders dont support all tags of all file formats. Therefore the use of ASE, 3ds or ply files are recommended.
Grafics Card - Compatibility
RTG needs at least a NVIDIA GeForce 6 and later. For optimal performance a GeForce 8800GT++ is recommended (tested: GF6800GT, GF7800GS/GT, GF8600GM, GF8800GT, GTX470).
The usage of an GeForce 6 may lead to viewing errors/artefacts.
No guarantie for AMD/ATI graphic cards.
Grafics Card - Drivers
RTG requires an up to date NVIDIA driver (180xx and later).
Versions earlier then 170xx will lead to view/calculation errors.
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