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ColorClouds is a software for the analysis and presentation of the colors of images in different color spaces.
The image data will be analyzed on loading and the colors will be visualized by a particle system. The program currently supports 9 differrent color spaces. They can be switched at any time making a comparison possible. In addition to the extensive options to influence the colors of images, the software implements also functions for image manipulation. Thus, e.g. the effects of color manipulation on the colors and the color distribution can be viewed in 3D. In addition the engines supports the visualization of two particle systems to make a analyzation of differences between two images possible.

Powertek - Colorclouds 5
Powertek - Colorclouds 4
ColorClouds I1I2I3
ColorClouds HSV
Powertek - Colorclouds 6
Powertek - Colorclouds 3
ColorClouds RGB
ColorClouds xyY
Powertek - Colorclouds 1
Powertek - Colorclouds 2
ColorClouds Lab
ColorClouds Statistic
- OpenGL 2.0, Tao-Framework
- Particle system for visualizing image colors
- Color Spaces RGB, I1I2I3, CMY, XYZ, xyY, Luv, Lab, Hunter-Lab, HSV
- Different particle sizes and particle render optionsi (point, cube, sphere)
- 5 different render modes, e.g. displaylists, VA, VBO
- Benchmark function
- Supports BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF, JPG, TGA
- Dual-Engine, can show 2 particle systems simultaneously
- Image pre processing, e.g. color clustering, color reduction, color adjustment
  Image Resizing, custom color palette
- Contrast, brightness, color adjustment (engine)
- Color clustering (engine)
- Color statistic and color analysis, single image
- Color statistic and color analysis, two different images
- Statistic with used colors
- Color editor
- Selection and deletion of particles and particle groups
- Undo/Redo
- Different View Options etc.
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