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The C3 is a redevelopment engine based on the experiences from the C1/C2. The Engine uses a modular system supporting rendering and animating of 3d-modells, terrain, sky/clouds, and effects like explosions, smoke and furthermore postprocessing effects like bloom.
Powertek - OpenGL Engine C3 (1)
Powertek - OpenGL Engine C3 (2)
C3CS Early Alpha
C3CS Early Alpha (Bump)
- OpenGL 2x, GLSL, Tao-Framework
- Bump mapping, virtual displacement mapping, gloss mapping
- Shadow volumes (ZPass, ZFail)
- Shadow mappping, cascaded, PCF, Gauss
- Phong/Blinn Shader
- Textur splatting und real-time 3d-texture painting
- Animated clouds and water
- Water reflections and refractions, underwater caustics
- Realtime terrain shadows, day-night-transition system
- Shader based fog (distance, terrain, underwater)
- AF und AAF, postprocessing, bloom etc.
- ASE, 3ds, Ply, Obj, DXF, Aff, XML File Loader
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