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EarthView is a 3D-Earth-Viewer using the freely available Blue Marble NextGen data of the NASA.
Blue Marble is a set of satellite images with such a high resolution, that normal viewer software can't display them in full resolution. EarthView uses a dataset of textures with a resolution of up to 21600x21600 pixels generated by a specially developed Tile-Set generating software. The textures will be streamed from the database and displayed by EarthView on Demand, so no internet connection is needed.
Powertek - EarthView (1)
Powertek - EarthView (2)
EarthView Full View
EarthView with Grid
- OpenGL 2x Engine, Tao-Framework
- Multithreaded streaming texture loader, all data will be loaded from HD
  (1GB Blue Marble texture data)
- Sky with real stars (Hipparcos Main Catalogue, around 5000 stars)
- Shaderbased smoothed zoom (seamless texture blending)
- Free zoom and adjustable camera
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