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Wave Speech is a software package consisting of the GUI application AviSpeech and the console application Wave Speech which implements a speech recognition for audio and video data. The input data stream (video, audio, or both) will be converted by AviSpeech to an wave audio stream, and depending on the installed voice recognition package, the result is transmitted to Wave Speech or WaveSpeechDRG. WaveSpeech uses the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 for speech recognition, WaveSpeechDRG uses the Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0 SDK. The output of both programs will be a textfile containing the spoken words of the input stream.
The Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 is a free software package provided by the Microsoft Corporation .
For the usage of the s Dragon Naturally Speaking SDK's, You will need a special developer license. More information you will find on
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- Automatic recognition and processing of the input stream supporting
- Export of stereo/mono-WAVE audio
- Autimatic adjustment of the parameters needed by WaveSpeech/WaveSpeechDRG
- Multithreaded
- Speech recognition using the Microsoft Speech SDK's 5.1
- Export of the recognized words in a textfile
- Speech recognition using the Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0 SDK
- Export of the recognized words in a textfile
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