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GeoCon was developed on the demands of the institute for water hydraulic Rostock (IWR) in cooperation with the department of environment and nature Rostock (StAUN) for showing and analysing drilling data (Type GLA, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).
- Loading and Analysis of drilling data (Type GLA, SEP3) provided as access
  database records (.mdb)
- Integrated drilling profile creation (automatic)
- Integrated profile cut creation (semi-automatic)
- Loading and Viewing of ArcView shape data
- GPS-/Gauss-Krüger-coordinates
- Meridian transformation of the map viewer
- Layer technology
- Database editor and database export
Powertek - GeoCon 1
Powertek - GeoCon 2
Powertek - GeoCon 3
GeoCon 1 GeoCon 2 GeoCon 3
manual - german only (.pdf)
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