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The DB2 ExifServer is a client-server application that allows the reading of an JPG image including the metadata via a web interface (Java applet) from any computer with Internet / LAN connection and the addition of the data to a database record.
The Software packages contains 4 programs:
- JavaRead V1.0 (Java-Applet)
- ExifServer V1.0 (Server-Application)
- STP_ExifRead (Stored Procedure for IBM DB2)
- WebSite with applet (needs apache 2 webserver running PHP5)
- Webbased GUI (java applet, certified)
- Multi-OS for the client (only webbrowser and java JRE 1.4)
- Access to DB2 over internet / LAN connection
- Automatic storage of the image data as BLOB and addition of the metadata (Exif)
  with Stored Procedure
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Java Applet 1 Java Applet 2 Java Applet 3
The Java applet is used to select the image files and to transfer the files to the ExifServer.
The applet has a certification (fake certificate), which allows the access of the applet to the local file system.
With the file dialog of the applet an image file can be selected. After that, the applet loads the data and displays a small preview of the image. If the transfer is started, the software will connect to the DB2 server running the Exif-Server via a client-server connection (socket). After a successful transfer the connection will be closed and the image data will be inserted into the DB2 as a BLOB using JDBC/SQL. Finally, the Stored Procedure STP_ExifRead will be triggered by SQL.
jExifRead - Applet testen
The Exifserver will copy the image data received through the applet into the local filesystem of the server.
The Stored Procedure STP_ExifRead reads the local image data, extracts the metadata and adds the information to the DB2 record.
The website contains the applet JavaRead, all start information and certificates and also the php5 functions for the database requests.
- Internetbrowser with support of JRE 1.4 or higher
- JRE 1.4
- IDB2 V7.2 with AIV-Extender
- Apache 2 webserver (running on the DB2 server)
- PHP5 (Apache 2)
- DB2 Java-Server (shipped with DB2)
- Website with certified applet JavaRead
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